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Jacobs Information Technology Services is a sole proprietorship that was formed in November 2000.  The company was formed to fill a perceived need for computer technology services by small businesses.  Large companies had information technology departments to provide support and technical services.  Individuals could package up their computers and transport them to a repair shop where for an hourly rate they could secure technical assistance.  Small businesses could not afford a full time staff dedicated to computer services nor could they afford the hassle and down time of picking up their equipment and taking it to a repair shop.

Gary Jacobs, owner of Jacobs Information Technology Service worked with numerous computer systems in many different roles over the years.  He recognized how dependent on computers businesses had become.  But he found it difficult to locate a service technician who performed a wide array of services onsite.  He often experienced waits of hours for a simple fix like resetting a password and sometimes days for a service technician to respond to a major problem.  Gary soon perceived this as an opportunity to fill a specialized niche.

Jacobs Information Technology Service offers a wide variety of services performed by a Microsoft Certified Professional on and off site for small businesses.  The company’s goal is to make sure that 100 percent of a client’s system or network or PC is running 100 percent of the time.

Jacobs Information Technology Service is committed to providing:

  • The highest quality service at the lowest possible price
  • Rapid response time
  • Customer friendly service
  • Training geared to the level of the user
  • Security for the client’s system whenever accessed by a technician
  • Confidentiality for all client proprietary data and information

Because the company provides services only in Wichita, it can be timely and responsive to client needs.  With the aid of modern electronic technology, a service technician can often provide a temporary fix to get a user or system running until he can make a permanent repair at the business location.

We recognize that flexibility and versatility are necessary to succeed in today’s competitive business environment.  Therefore we offer both ongoing support on a monthly basis as well as individual jobs.

Company | Services | Support | Contact
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